The playing time is 2 x 15min running. Time is stopped at goal and deportation.

In the endgame matches, last minute is effective playing time.


Each team plays at least four matches either in the competition or the challenger series.

After group games, playoffs are played according to the team's placement in the group.

NB! F1-POJKAR 2012   4+1 spelare (fältstorlek  24 m x 12 m - 30 m x 15 m)

In the tournament, IFF's rules are followed with small applications.


The position in the group is determined primarily according to the score from the group matches;

Win 2 points

Draw 1 point

Loss 0 points


If several teams have the same number of points after the group, the investments are decided in the following order.

  1. Points from the matches between themselves.
  2. Goal difference (+/-).
  3. Goal made
  4. Lott


Timeout is only allowed in endgame matches where both teams have a timeout (30sec) at their disposal during regular playing time.

If an endgame match is a draw after regular playing time, the match is decided on penalties   

(3 shooters / teams). If it stands just after 3, sudden penalties are postponed until a winner is found. A player may be given a new penalty when the entire other team has shot.


Players may only represent one team in the cup. Exceptions must be approved in writing prior to the tournament via kristjan@tallinkfloorball.ee (English).


Max. 2 players in the team may be one year older than the series otherwise approves (so-called Ö players). Several may participate in the cup, but a maximum of two may play per match. These must be reported to the organizer prior to the cup kristjan@tallinkfloorball.ee .


Two weeks before the cup, all participating teams must notify their players and relatives as well as their role in the team to the organizer via the statbeat page where they also sign up. Here the shooter etc. will be updated. Later, the player list can only be updated after the organizer has approved it.


Alla deltagare behöver sitt deltagarkort, ifall en lagmedlem inte har sitt kort kommer ifrågavarande lag dömas till en 5-0 förlust i matchen ifall inte det egentliga resultatet gynnar motståndaren mer.




Turneringens jury bär ansvaret om att allt flyter och att turneringens regler följs. Ifall en individ eller ett lag inte beter sig eller med avsikt bryter mot reglerna, har juryn rätt att stänga av laget eller personen från turneringen.

Lagen, spelarna och anhängare är under juryns beslutanderätt även på hotellen.




Lagen ska ha en lagledare som är minst 18år gammal. Lagledaren tar ansvaret om att respektive lag sköter sig och bör alltid vara anträffbar. Dessutom bär han ansvaret om att all information som arrangörerna kan behöva är tillgänglig.


Granskning av identitet


The team leader is responsible for ensuring that the players' identity is proven. The cup organizer, if necessary, has the right to examine the identity together with the team leader.

If a player's identity, the penalty is the same as for missing participant cards.




The organizer is not responsible for insurance in the event of damage. Because of this, the law must provide insurance on its own. First aid is also the responsibility of the law, but the organizer ensures that knowledgeable people are always in place if help is needed in the event of injuries.




The law has the right to protest the current rules and their follow-up. If the protest concerns the referee, the referee must be informed of the protest immediately after the match.

The protest with arguments must be submitted in writing to the organizer no later than 10 minutes after the match. The protest fee is 100 € and the sum is returned if the protest is approved. If the protest does not go through, the sum will not be returned. The jury's decision is final.




If a team does not have enough players 5 minutes after the match starts, the team will be sentenced to a 0-5 loss. If the case is repeated in several matches, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.